When it comes to making money, there various ways and means available to start making money but one of the easiest means is becoming an Account Registration Officer of Volta Sell (https://voltasell.com).

What is Volta Sell?

Volta Sell is a total online marketplace where you can buy and sell almost everything. These deals are mostly from people near you in your districts, city or street and so you get to deal locally. More About Volta Sell

Who are Account Registration Officers?

A registration officer is basically people that completes forms that capture the details of others. An Account Registration officer for that matter is any individual capable of filling a completed or capturing the details of others interested in getting an account in the case a Volta Sell (https://voltasell.com) user account. These accounts will allow the individuals or users to start selling their products, advertise their services and businesses.

Volta Sell requires the services of these Account Registration Officers all over Volta and Oti regions to support people to come onboard the online marketplace platform with ease.

Requirements for Accounts Registration Officer Position.

There are no strict requirements for the position. Any individual interested in a part time role to earn an additional income can work as an Accounts Registration Officer. Interested persons must:

  • a. have smartphones and computers with internet connectivity and be able to use them.
  • b. know how to create email accounts such as (yahoo, gmail etc)
  • c. be ready to be paid on commission basis ( thus using the number of accounts created and other percentages )

Training and Capacity Building

All successful Accounts Registration Officers will be trained on the activities/ operations of Volta Sell, the policies and terms of the business and how to register users. There will also be peer to peer training sessions and calls to learn from team members performing well.


Payments of commissions and other allowances will be via Mobile Money every 2 weeks. This will happen after validation and approval of accounts.

Final Words

It is possible to earn money as an Account Registration Officer with Volta Sell. The total amount that accrues to you each week or month will be based on the total accounts registered. All interested can apply HERE. The more you do, the more money you make. You can check our Commission Structure.

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