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Promote your ad and sell fast on has thousands of buyers and sellers, so how can you make your ad stand out? now offer extra paid options for our posters who want to stand out and reach more interested buyers quickly and easily.

Want to sell fast?
Our promotion is a perfect way to get your items sold

To promote an ad, simply:

  • Post an advert and click the "Promote ad" button in your “My Account”
  • Click “Buy credit”, select your package and make payment
  • Click “New ticket” under “My Tickets” to send payment details (Name, Phone No., Package and Amount).
  • Click the “Send” button for your credit, Then finally click “promote/ make premium” by your ad.
  • Or Call us 0505408310 for help


Get more views

Our promotion is designed to get more people to see your ad. So by promoting your ad, you save time and effort - and still get more replies to your ad.


 Ad Promotion

Premium Listings for 7 days

At the top of every ad listing page, there are up to 6 spots reserved for Premium Listings. By making your ad a Premium Listings, you earn the chance for

your ad to be displayed in one of these Premium Listings spots - which can get you up to 15 times or more views!

  • Premium Listings stand out - they are displayed at the top and clearly marked with a star.
  • Each Premium Listings is given an equal chance of being shown in the Premium Listings spots. This means thousands of extra appearances for each
  • Premium Listings on our most-viewed pages - every day, for 7 days.

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